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Brian Harmon
Independent Author of Horror Fiction, Suspense and Dark Adventure


"This used to be a funhouse
But now it's full of evil clowns

- Pink

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Rushed: All Fun and Games

The sixth book in the Rushed series finds Eric facing some of his greatest fears when his wife, Karen, drags him to an eight-year-old child’s birthday party at the circus-themed family entertainment center called Bellylaugh Playland. Almost immediately, he discovers something horrifyingly amiss with the building and is hurled into a life-or-death race against the clock to save everyone from an ancient, slumbering evil. The ghostly children and temperamental décor he thinks he can handle. It’s the clowns that are really freaking him out.

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Secret of the Labyrinth

in unabridged audiobook

Read by
Norman Gilligan

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Road Beneath the Wood

in unabridged audiobook

Read by
Norman Gilligan

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Rushed: The Unseen

Narrated by
Eric Michael Summerer

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